Greet The Sun (An Experimental REmix)

By twistedthursday

[REsources are sorted out.]

So remember a few months back that Joe made this REmix from a bunch of different RECords he RECommended by piling them into an Album? Well, I've been meaning to do the same exact thing, but when I looked up my RECommendations, they were mostly text RECords and videos. Of course, I could work on the videos, but due to the miserable tragedy of my life that is my very slow internet connection, downloading those videos became a bit challenging (and frankly, I gave up).

And then, another idea popped up to my mind. How about image RECords? I could easily download them. And maybe the REmix won't be as dynamic as, say a video REmix, I could at least still produce something and let the creative juice out. So I remember the HitRECord Photo Library (courtesy of the awesome Gwen) and picked one themed-album and download some of the images. I just randomly downloaded half of the album, browsed through the Audio category and picked a random RECord, put them all together into the slideshow, and here it is.

The text/story/poem/whatever that is on this slideshow actually came up after the whole thing was finished. I wrote one line for each photo. It may not make a whole lot of sense, but I think that's the beauty of it.

And... I'm gonna stop talking now. :P

Greet The Sun (An Experimental REmix)

Created: Aug 04, 2010


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