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Fake History + Patterns: "My dad was a miner when I was a minor."

By MattReilly

My dad was a miner when I was a minor.

I was child-minded while he mined the mine.


He mined to find ore:

His mind filled with awe

At what he might find.


He said whatever he found was mine.

His finds were minor:

“The mine’s poor for ore.”


I didn’t mind.

He was mine, all mine:

My minder, awe finder.


And when it was time,

I was right-minded

To join the mine.


Mining for ore made my hands sore,

But my mind was also soon filled with awe.


It blew our minds to suddenly find

We could use mines to blow mines

In half the time.


Together we mined, and soon reached the core,

Where we found our stores of some awesome ores.


Our mine was not poor: it was filled with some ore,

And awesome finds of various kinds.


We dug the same things: a natural rapport.

A meeting of minds, filled with awe at our finds.


Our minds full of awe, our mines full of ore,

We were minded to mind what we found at the core.


We were not minor miners: we soon became major;

And no longer poor thanks to our stored ores.


But the main thing I find as I mine my mind

For memories made in those days with the spade


Is my dad, the miner: hard-working refiner

His mind full of awe when I was just four.


My dad was a miner when I was a minor.

I was child-minded while he mined the mine.






My dad wasn't a miner when I was a minor - he was a photographer.

It's all lies, I tell thee.

The idea for this came to me at about 3am this morning.

I should maybe go to bed earlier ...


I'd love to hear voiceovers of this, if anyone is keen.

Or if someone wants to turn it into a song, REmix it over a repetitive pattern of beats, or whatever, please feel free.

I hope it inspires someone to HitRECord!


Matt :)

Fake History + Patterns:

Created: Jun 26, 2013

Tags: fake, story, boy, minds, sore, lyrics, digging, poetry, hard work, rhythm, refiner, patterns, man, prose, hard-working, pattern, papa, awesome, pa, his stories, son, girl, child-minded, fiction, junior, mine, kid, awe, poor, history, fake histories, core, find, father, dig, he, money, dad, rapport, stores, major, lies, minor, his, spade, his story, four, fake history, work, hands, childminded, child, daughter, histories, mining, found, mind, ore, miner, their, rhyme, rich

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