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Colours - my favourite ... things?

By Antoana

And update, wih plain white background and some minor touch-ups.

As a designer, artist and human being I LOVE colours. Up to the degree of a slight addiction to them. You have to admire how a colour could bring memories, emotions ,feelings, even smells and soungs. I did the little doodle of the drawing straight away after watching the collaboration video. Now, faced with the blanc screen, I asked myself-do colours actually qualify as things?

Do I degrade them by calling them 'a thing'? Perhaps as an artist I choose to take them as things, as this is the only way to use them, to create and share. 

What do you think? Is it the same with sounds and harmonies for the musicians?


Ps. Colours? Or Colors? That has always confused me. 

Colours - my favourite ... things?

Created: Jun 23, 2013

Tags: canvas, drawing, creator, blank, create, liquid, design, digital, colours, girl, things, inspiration, line, colors, motion, love, pour, my favourite things, dance, dream

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