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(sorry for my english, I'm italian, be nice wiith me :-) In my language "grass" and "weed" are the same word...hope that the "linguistic-joke" sounds pretty the same in english too... :-P)

From another point of view


Wait…What the…?



What the f… Guys? Where did you put me in?


Hallo? It’s dark in here! Dan? Phil? Is it another fucking lame prank of yours?

Come on!…Let me get out of here!

What kind of trick is that?



You fucking assholes…

Hey! Shut that fucking music off!

Guys!! Guys!!!


Dirty bastards… I’m gonna kill you all! Wait and see!

Oh god…it’s getting hot in here guys…

It’s really… Ohh…Hahahahah…Oh my…

Fuck it, I think I should stop with all that weed…

Guys! I’m sooo stoned…please! Let me get out!

Hahahah…come on!

“It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes, I am gettin’ so hot, I want take my clothes off…”

What’s these flashes? Red light? Purple light? What the hell…

Oh god…this stuff is great!

Hahaha guys...this is fucking insane! I can see things floating on air…I swear!

Whoopy Doopy Whop Taaa!

Hahahaha…Bonsoir Monsieur Carrot, como estas? Oh hallo to you Madame…

Guys! Is it a surprise? Did you bring me that bunny I met last night at the club maybe?

So nice from you…hahahahah

Oh god I can hear fairy voices….Yes, I’m coming sweeties, I’m coming through the forest…

This stuff is magical guys… ma-gi-cal… Ohh it’s like a double rainbow man… oh god… guys…I can see it…


Is that a drum roll?

This is magic… It’s magic…I swear…




…Wait a minute…! GUYS!

I know why you put me in here! You want to steal my weed!!!

You motherfuckers! Hey!

My precious…

You sneaky little sons of a bitch. Wicked, tricksy, false!

I want it back! Hey!

Let me get out!






And then, the magician took the rabbit out of the hat.


RE: Magic

Created: Jun 21, 2013

Tags: magic, trick, hat, sketch, rabbit, story

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