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By AndreiDoubleJ

Today would be the day. Today would be the day I tell Josh my feelings for him.


I'd just finished watching him finish his coffee at his favourite cafe.


Two creams

One sugar


 He'd have to watch that when he got older if he didn't want to put on any extra pounds.


That's okay, because I could change him.


He was walking down the street now. His broad back to me, I hung back, taking him in.


I stepped faster, my heart joining pace. He didn't even know my name...


He was about to cross when another girl came running up to him. Her face lost in her hair. They hugged




they kissed.



That bitch.

Fucking bitch.


She walked arm and arm with Josh.


My Josh.




I'd fuck her up.


I started to run after them. I didn't care, he needed to know, and when he knew, he'd take me. And I'd have him.


I started to run, they were crossing. I made it halfway across.


"Josh!" He didn't turn.


But I turned.

I turned.

I turned.

I turned.


I was walking with him watching me.


I turned.


I was watching me with him watching me I was watching him with me watching me.


I looked at me.


I was with him.


I was hit by a car.


And I gave me a little smile.


He didn't turn.


I turned.


And I lived









Created: Jun 19, 2013

Tags: fiction, paradox, horror, doppelganger, short story

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