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RE: The Torah

By Mottelz

Took me at least 13 times to get this short enough to post. I am discovering that I have a lot to say, so please ask.

This video was in response to RegularJOE's comment that "...even the Torah wasn't written down by Moses himself as he received it from God, but passed down orally for many generations before it was recorded as the text we preserve today."

The short answer is that there are two parts, the written and the oral.

Here is a list of the written part:

Torah - The Pentatuach

Bereishit - Genesis
Shemot - Exodus
Vayikra - Leviticus
Bamidbar - Numbers
Devarim - Deuteronomy

<b>Nevi'im - Prophets</b>

Yehoshua - Joshua
Shoftim - Judges
Shmuel I - I Samuel
Shmuel II - II Samuel
Melachim I - I Kings
Melachim II - II Kings
Yeshayahu- Isaiah
Yirmiyahu - Jeremiah
Yechezkel - Ezekiel
Hoshea - Hosea
Yoel - Joel
Ovadiah - Obadiah
Yonah - Jonah
Michah - Micah
Nachum - Nahum
Chavakuk - Habakkuk
Tzefaniah - Zephaniah
Chaggai - Haggai

K'tuvim - Scriptures

Tehillim - Psalms
Mishlei - Proverbs
Iyov - Job
Shir Hashirim - Song of Songs
Rut - Ruth
Eichah - Lamentations
Kohelet - Ecclesiastes
Nechemiah - Nehemiah
Divrei Hayamim I - I Chronicles
Divrei Hayamim II - II Chronicles

Link to the texts (w/ translation):

RE: The Torah

Created: Jun 14, 2013

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