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Rube Goldberg-esque Opener

By JPeezy

So I picture this as an animated open title, maybe about 5-10 seconds long max.

I NEED AN ANIMATOR! I'm not nearly good enough of an animator to do this.

If you want to help, please contact me at I will send the root files there. It's a layered Illustrator 5.1 file.

Sequence instructions:

1. Press REC button

2. Fuse from button to trap door burns which releases the "TEXT" icon. 

3 The icon falls on the box, releaseing the spring plunger.

4. The spring plunger shoots out striking the box across the gap and releasing the vertical spring.

5. The vertical spring releases hitting the hand above.

6 The hand swings on it's axis hitting the IMAGE icon's shutter button and causing the flash to go off.

7. The camera continues to flash until the plant in the scale grws and produces fruit.

8 The weight of the fruit dips the scale causing the otherside attached to the rope to pull up.

9. The pull up causes the VIDEO icon to roll forward on the track.

10. The VIDEO icon strikes the switch on the other side

11. The switch clicks on sending electricity to the AUDIO icon

12. The AUDIO icon plays a recording of JOE saying "Are we RECORDING" over and over

13. The recording caused the gerbil to get scared and he starts to run.

14. The running gerbil creates electricity through the generator.

15. The electricity from the generator make the "HitRECord on TV" Logo to flicker to life.

16. The Logo is illuminated

FINALLY; we zoom in throgh the O in "HitRECord" to see our host, RegularJoe.

I will locate the audio, the logo, etc. I just want to get started on the animation. Hit me up or contact me here!

Rube Goldberg-esque Opener

Created: Jun 13, 2013


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