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Hungry Ghost (tiny tune)

By ChaneleyWelly

"Hungry ghost,
I have known you for all my life
& now its time to say
bye, bye, bye...

You open your mouth
but no words come out.
You just take it all in
to the bottomless pit

& you eat until greed doesn't
mean a thing.
My patience grows thin.
Won't you let me in?

Let me in... "

This little song just flew out of my mouth as soon as I watched
regularJOEs collab video.

This song is about a person who's been in the presence
of the hungry ghost for most of their life, and they're pretty much pissed at the hungry ghost.
but now they just want to understand how-WHY
the hungry ghost is the way they are!

Hungry Ghost (tiny tune)

Created: Jun 11, 2013

Tags: tune, ghost, hungry, haunted, creepy, song, tiny

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