The Wait

By deeasherself

“He rented a house and asked me to come by, spend the weekend with him.”

“Where was this house?”

“Uh, some beach. Took the train to get there.”

“You did know about his… job, right?”

“Of course. He trained me.”

“But you didn’t know about this particular one.”

“No. I also didn’t know it was a trap set for him.”

“But he did.”

“Yes, apparently.”

“And he didn’t tell you.”

“That would’ve ruined the surprise, don’t you think.”

“I’m not here to think. I’m here to ask questions and clarify your situation.”

“Shame. Should’ve pulled that trigger instead, I’d be saving you all this bureaucratic bullshit.”

“It’s the job I’m paid to do.”


“Now. Tell me what happened when you got there.”

“The usual father-daughter things that happen when a father and a daughter meet after not seeing each other for a few months.”

“Where had you been?”

“Madrid. Nasty business. Had to ask for a pay rise.”

“What about him?”

“Somewhere in South America. Brought me a necklace as a gift.”

“Did you talk about it?”

“Of course not, we’re not stupid. We know wherever we go there might be someone after us to make sure we do our job. Which is very stupid. But we don’t talk about it, we just know.”

“By rumours?”


“Okay. Moving on. Tell me about the mark.”

“Strauss. Can’t remember his first name. He and his secret boyfriend were spending a secret honeymoon in a secret place. It was a rather romantic and expensive hotel, to be honest.”

“Why Strauss? Alexander is his first name.”

“Ah, yes, Sasha.”

“Why him?”

“He was related to the client’s… enemy. Son, or something like that. The kind of relative you’d do anything for if you were ridiculously rich.”

“And nobody knew about him and his boyfriend?”

“Everyone knew. Nobody talked about it.”

“Did your father tell you that Alexander Strauss was the mark?”


“Is that why they went after him?”

“After both of us. And no, that was somebody else’s doing. Neither the client nor Strauss’ family had anything to do with it.”

“You did your research.”

“I’ve had a lot of time.”

“How long were you with him at the beach house?”

“Three days. They came for us on the fourth.”

“Tell me about the first three days.”

“It was pretty normal. Breakfast, a walk, lunch at an Italian restaurant, a walk back to the house… we watched an old film, I read a book while he took a nap. Maybe another walk, then dinner. And that’s it. Second day was pretty much the same.”

“And the third one?”

“He told me everything. We got ready. Then we waited.”

The Wait

Created: Jun 08, 2013


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