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Motion Monsters ( collection / reel )

By brookeduckart

I have been meaning to put my "motion monsters" into a collected piece. I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to do this... and then I found Ryan Patrick's tune "Ba Da Dop Bop Bop" and it just sort of clicked for me. So I made this edit.


[Correction, it straddled Nov/Dec, and Resources galore! I did my best to add them all, there were a couple that refused to add to my resources so I connected to RECorders' portrait pics then. Please let me know if I missed anyone! This was a major organizational exercise too - keeping track of resources - pheeeeeeeeew!]

Full album of monsters here -

And if you decide to make some of your own, or reMix mine further, please
add them to this collaboration -


::::::::::::::::::: "Motion Monsters" Credits :::::::::::::::::::

Frances the Backseat Monster (Motion Monster #1) -  animation created with jessolantern's "Perspective" footage (1018003) and Soupy's loveable "Frances" character (1010240)

Mossy the Mushroom Monster (Motion Monster #2) -  animation created with Carrington 's "googlee eyes" image (258644) and my own "mossy mushroom" still image (697753)

Dalkulla the Delicate Dust Demon (Motion Monster #3) -  animation created with sojushots's "Dalkulla" character (684967) and pprescott's "Dust Particles" video footage (970641)

Mokupoku's Autumn Ride (Motion Monster #4) -  animation created with MelonBerri's "Mokupoku" character (147550) over Jerryliufilmmaker's "Fall Colors" video footage (1010222)

Trained Monsters (motion monsters #5) -  animation created with WhenIWasLittle's "Monster Concepts" characters (908984) over aszarkowski's "time to go" video footage (940522)

Farm Fiend (Motion Monsters #6) -  animation created with Csmalls' "Demon" character (957392) over MattConley's "The Farm (Raw Footage)" (81175) and an extra awesome soundtrack was then constructed by humunkulus (1052387) for it.

Dawn Dweller (Motion Monster #7) -  animation created with rewfoe's "Left Out?" character (751639) over SGCProductions' "Sunrise footage" (956471) including Kubi's text "A tiny story for 'Left Out?'"(796153) and sound constructed of  aszarkowski's "nature ambiance" (279363) and running FX from

Along came a spider... (Motion Monster #8) -  animation created with sojushots' "along came a spider" characters (1044275) over MattConley's "Fire Sky Time Lapse" video footage (78903)

There's a Turkeysaurus out there! (Motion Monster #9) -  animation created with my own monster illustration "brooke's monster ideas - 06" (540398) with coloring suggestions and naming from adhgraphicdesign's "Turkeysaurus (brookeduckart REmix)"(588730) over  roketsientist33's "paranoia" video footage (246815) and also the use of Jane_TH's paper texture - 11 (165438)

The Pet (Motion Monster #10) -  animation created with hopiamanipopcorn's "Pet Monsters : Budj and Four" characters (423881) over fraeulein's "Newgrange" video footage (686340)

Yetis in love... and in my backyard! (Motion Monsters #11) -  animation created with littledot's "IfMyHeartsMelts…" characters (1059722) over westcoastjen's "Moving Snapshot: it's snowing again (and again)" video footage (9566) including my own voiceover work.  

WILL EAT YOU FOR FOOD (Motion Monster #12) - animation created with SRL73's "Times Are Tough All Over" character (541321) that was further reMixed by 12.42 into "Eat You" (570880) and then I vectorized into "Eat You Monster (Vector ReMix)" (670826) animated over  OliviaAbtahi's "Bryan Weaver for Ward One!" footage (111709)

Golden Tree Goblins (Motion Monster #13) -  animation created with rewfoe's "Rewfoe Squishys" characters (734939) over kkatja's "Wintery tree" still image (1063788)

Night Vision (Motion Monster #14) - animation created with Laural's "Me and My Mood" character(889775) over CaptClare's "Run" footage (994407) Soundscape constructed of "Gaspy Growl" (643212) by wluna, "Sound FX - P.M. Crickets chirping" (956212) by GregsTheVoice,
"Snarling/Growling Noises" (221411) by evilralphwiggum, and my own voiceover work.

13-eyed Cat (Motion Monster #15) - animation created stabbytuna's "Kitten of Thirteen Eyes" character (673547) over chariot13's\"Private Cat Life (1947)" found public domain footage (910189) and text made out of "Font de Jules" (91012) by Jules Alder.


Motion Monsters ( collection / reel )

Created: Jun 03, 2013

Tags: footage, animation, motion, reel, monsters, collection

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