The lion of babylon

By CameronG90

Mideast mythology asad babil lion of babylon iraqi t-72 Deathmetal tribute

Short guitaring tribute i have RECorded, inspired by the mythological lion of babylon, and the Iraqi tank named after it.
Asad babil were iraqi made versions of the Soviet T-72, nicknamed literally the "Lion of Babylon", these main battle tanks patrolled the deserts of iraq numbered in the thousands. They were used in the iraqi invasion of kuwait, and many of them were destroyed by American forces in the first gulf war. Some of these monsters are still around today, leftover from previous conflicts and now put to good use fighting terrorist insurgents in the war stricken country.

This is a pure guitar only piece i recorded over the period of an hour or so, written, played, recorded and edited by me, as are all of my other songs. Perhaps i will write lyrics if i so choose but the feeling i have now is more that the instrumental speaks for itself whence gazing upon a picture of Asad Babil... Hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing and recording it!

s , built to their specifications for desert warefare. Despite being obliterated by the american troops in the first gulf war, iraqi tank divisions had surprisingly little losses prior to mentioned conflict.

All of this information is either common knowledge or based on fact, put into my own words. The music is published and licenced to myself.

cheers and happy RECording. - Cameron

The lion of babylon

Created: Aug 08, 2009

Tags: lion of babylon iraqi tank mideast mythology sovie

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