Growth and Memory

By mawish

how do we grow, grow, grow?

I vividly remember this one moment growing up---I was probably around 7 or 8 and--I was coming home from Sunday school with my dad and brother. I remember that my dad had promised to buy me something from Baskin Robins if I went to sunday school that day. I hated sunday school.--Nothing against God particularly, but rather the people. The kids who came to class fully prepared with their obnoxious bloated heads and thad contained no modesty, as they flaunted fluent Surah's from the Qu'ran in arabic. Most of the girls in my class also wore scarves, something I didn't consider important at the time. I always felt so excluded at Sunday school, even more so than in regular life. Even though these people who ranged in similar skin tones with me--shades of brown, yellow, peach and orange-- these people who shared common cultures and traditions---I felt most alienated from them than with anyone else.I always found that weird. So did my parents. They were never happy with this.

Anyways, we were going to Baskin Robins--and I promised myself I would remember that moment forever. I would hold onto that day--that moment, parking our car in the parking lot surrounded by small Asian owned shops advertising

Growth and Memory

Created: Aug 05, 2009

Tags: childhood, growth, memory

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