Life's Too Short - Script (Re-Mix)

By ChatRenard


DAUGHTER and MOTHER in hospital room. They look as though
they have been visiting for a long time today. Get the sense
this has been a routine. Regular visits and regular times
lasting for hours. MOTHER doesn't have many machines hooked
up to her, but has oxygen available and a drip and heart
monitor. DAUGHTER holds a newspaper but isn't reading it,
they are just engaged with one another in a peaceful silence.
There is a book on the table in front of her. MOTHER is very
very sick. Every word is a struggle. There is a natural
decline and drift as the scene progresses.

Do you want me to read you the
headlines and you can decide what
stories you're interested in?

Not tonight. I'm feeling tired.
Enough talk of business.

Wow, I don't believe I've ever
heard you say anything like that
before. That's practically
blasphemy for a Collins, isn't it?

(smiling) Perhaps. But I know the
business is in good hands. I'm not

Yes, great hands. (smiling) I've
got buyers lined up down the block.
I'm going to retire and move to
Fiji the minute your back is

(laughing gently) If that's what
you want, that's fine by me.

I don't think so, no. I wouldn't
like to let it go. I am my mother's
daughter, after all.

You work too hard.

Pot, Kettle?

When you were small I felt it was
so important to make a life for us
that I missed out on a lot. You
missed out on a lot. But...
(pauses for a beat) There are two
things we can never have enough of.

Yes, money and power, right?

No, my dear. Time and love. (she
drifts off finally, only by
DAUGHTER'S reaction do we know
she's gone)

(hesitates) I'm sure you're right
about time. But there has been
enough love, Mother, there's been
enough love.

Life's Too Short - Script (Re-Mix)

Created: May 06, 2013

Tags: script

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