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A few months ago I did this video for a stylist. She needed a video to present a dress she made and talked to me about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coppélia

For her I put the title she asked for and for the music I put "Festival" by Sigur Ros. It worked okay, but I want now to be able to use the video for myself, without needing copyright and with a music made for the video.

So basically I need:
1) A title...I have no idea...
2) Music. Something between opera, piano (the music of "The Piano" worked well) and Sigur Ros style. Well, something which work with the video. Be careful, the video is 25fps, not 30fps. The music can be longer than the video, for the generic (a few secs).
3) And why not a poem? It could be greaton it!!!

At the end I will choose a title and a music (and a poem?) for myself to use, and put people names on the generic. It will be shown on internet and will probably do at least one exhibition one day.

A nice idea would be to color the film!


PS: Feel free to do what you want with the video...But please don't put what you can make with it on internet, except on this website (or ask me before), as the stylist and the model are not yet credited and they only allowed me to use it. Thanks.

Created: Aug 01, 2010


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