By AlexBee

What does it mean when we say something is beautiful? Or what about when we call something ugly? Is this purely based on physical appearance, or does is our attraction to something based on some sort of emotional connection?

Consider how you decide whether something is appealing to you, or unappealing. How do you feel when you hear something, see something, do something, you like? What about something you don't like?

I want you to share the thing you find holds either the most beauty, the most ugliness, or both. Some of these things might be pure physical attractions, some might go beyond that. Draw, write, record, create, photograph something representative of whatever is beautiful or ugly to you. If we get enough responses we can see what people consider when they see beauty in something. We can see similarities between what is attractive to us, and probably a lot of differences too. Whatever comes of this is bound to be interesting...


Created: Aug 01, 2010


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