my pompa

By riana6

my grandfather passed away just four days before his dead wife's birthday. we were all there by chance, dinner plans, when he gasped for his last breath, drowning in fluids and misery and when he lay there lifeless, i shook him, crying trying to make his dead eyes meet mine. just two days before when i couldn't reach him through words, i lay my head on his chest and listened to his fading heart and labored breathing. i felt his withered, paper hands touching my head and a first i was afraid that he was pushing me away but then i realized it was a touch of endearment...i stayed there longer until i could no longer stop the tears from brimming over "i love you pompa" i said kissing him on his forehead "igualmente" he struggled to say. i didn't know that would be the last thing he said to me.

my pompa

Created: Aug 01, 2010


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