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the mark of ake-

"BRING FORTH THE MARKED ONE!" the light from the newly lit torches,gave little light on this dark seen as it played out.

some 20-30 Hooded figers chanting in low mummers parted as they carryed him to the aluter. he was draged by two of the larger hooded figers. the small child was resiting but it was futile.

"hennry, be quite..." the wisper came after a losse rock tummbled to the seen below them.

"HE BARES THE MARK!!" the mad man at the stone podium claws at the child an ripped the tattered shirt off. their was a yell of aprovele from thous dark figers below.

"lilth, just keep moving..." henry an lilth were making their great excape wile their one time friends, went mad. they had joined this occcult a long time ago, an watched it desend into the seen playing out

"HE MUST DIE,SO WE CAN LIVE!!!" the yelling was more frantic now, an still they chanted in thouse low tones.

lilth an henry, now crested the hill an looked back one last time at the maddness playing out in the hidden valley below them. henry put a hand on lilths stomic, she wasn't showing yet. its the small things to be thankful for.

"NOW TO RID US OF THIS HEIR-A-TICK!" The loud robed man prodused a dagger an started to move onto the child.

Two pires, to eather side of the stone podium, where their last true friends. lilth put her hand over his as they watched the best friend child on the aulter.

"with this act I reless you from haunting us for ever more." a dagger was pointed into the boys chest, right over the mark. an as the knife desended the child looked the mad man in the eyes an laffed as the mark dissapeared an the blade went throw the child. "NO!!" the robed mad man spat. their was confusetion an caso in the valley.

lilth an henry ran as fast as they could, but where an to whom? an was their child next? would it have the mark?

tune in next week... :)
hopfully not that long.

Created: Aug 01, 2010


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