By Ptolemy

I am stuck in the middle of a round-robin debate on my future that interests everyone except myself.

The competition has gathered and the home team stands at the ready.
They hurl insults at each other and fight for the best evidence.
I can't be bothered by any of it.

When I close my eyes I see flickering lights.

I can still see smoke drifting out and around my head.

My finger hurts from where I burnt it on the coal, a miniature heartbeat pounding away beneath the welt.
How is it possible for something like that to exist so consistently away from it's source?

-That's childish.
You're childish.

Nothing makes sense.

I'm sick to my stomach and I just might throw up.

-Go take a shower. You've been wearing the same clothes for 3 days.


Created: Aug 01, 2010


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