72 miles and a tree

By neatospeedo

Once upon a time, in a land 72 miles from the nearest drug store, lived a boy named Parker. Now, Parker was a boy who loved doing the dangerous things in life. He loved to scare his mother to death by jumping off the nearest boulder and licking the mushrooms in the forest near his home. And every once in awhile because of this, he was slightly high with a broken leg. Well today was a different day for Parker, for today Parker fell in love. She was a beautiful girl with long brown hair that just flowed in the wind, she just took his breath away, which in Parker’s case was a very bad thing. It was love at first sight, and at second sight it was light‘s out. For when Parker saw this beautiful maiden he was at the top of a very tall tree…and then, SPLAT! he was on the forest floor covered in a mixture of blood and leaves.
When Parker finally woke up, he came to realize he was no longer in the forest at the top of a very tall tree looking at a girl…he was in his bed unable to move from a pounding headache. He didn’t like this one bit so he started to yell for his mommy. When to his horror, next to his bed stood the girl from the forest, he just wanted to die…and from the pain he was feeling he decided that was probably going to happen, so he just closed his eyes and waited for it to take him. But of course, it never came…instead he felt a hand on his shoulder and opened his eyes to see his mother looking down on him with tears in her eyes. After a few minutes of her crying and kissing him, she introduced him to his new found love, her named was Suzy and she just happened to be in the forest that day picking flowers for her mother.
She was picking some red wild flowers when she heard a loud noise, so she went to investigate. She screamed very loudly when she first saw Parker’s body on the forest floor near a very tall tree. After collecting her breath, she walked up to the body and decided to poke it with a stick to see if he was still alive or if she should be running for the hills searching for some place to hide until the body was no longer there. To her surprise, he was still alive and only slightly bleeding from a cut on his head. Other than that he seemed to be perfectly fine, even cute she thought. But she would saved that kind of thinking for a later date.
So back in Parker’s room the three of them sat while Suzy told them what is written above. After this story was told, the mother decided to leave the room so the two young ones could get to know each other better. Even Parker’s mother thought Suzy was pretty and her son needed a girl like that in his life, hopefully to keep him out of trouble or at least keep him from falling out of any more trees.
Parker and Suzy seemed to hit it off, they both liked the same things or for the most part could tolerate what the other liked. If that’s not love, than Parker had no idea what love could be. A beautiful girl saving his life, after putting his life in danger to begin with, she was just heavenly. Suzy thought about the same, any boy who was stupid enough to climb a tree like that, fall and live was worth a go around the park. But secretly, she was mad about this guy, she just wasn’t ready to let that show, heck she just met the guy, but what can you do she thought, he’s silly and I like it….and Parker lying there in his bed, only with a cut on his head, along with a few bruises thought this is the best day of my life…
So there you have it, Parker and Suzy met one day when a silly boy decided to climb a tree and a silly girl decided to pick some flowers...if all else fails at least they had one thing in common, they seemed to like the great outdoors.

72 miles and a tree

Created: Aug 01, 2010


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