Broiling Lover's Haste

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I've been last to dance as nightfall bridges the soul gripping sweat
from the pantheon of duplicitous semantics tragic regret
the head refrains from the hearts antics in the mid-summer frantic
of idyllic embrace, embryonic vegetation of broiling lover's haste
he told me he would go to find me all the treasures crystallized in the deepest
caverns of the earth
and I told him to look in his heart for the meaning their worth
but then the bandit time, came to me in his place
leather consumed his body and callouses formed
a candle crept through the darkness
of our love to keep me warm
the acropolis of my life was visited by the storming quill
he wrote me matter-of -fact letters of the success that he had won
and I knew he was the better for the solemnity of one
and I let the notes grow mole hills
no mountains did I find
to keep the fire burning hot on lonely winter nights

Created: Aug 01, 2010

Tags: poetry, lyrics, song

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