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My Love For Those Cold Nights

By tmq

As I  sit here on this quiet starry night

To you my heart takes flight

To cradle and warm you on those nights that you are cold

Until the days when we are both old

I will watch your angelic eyes open every morning and be adoring

Because that is the site that sends my soul soaring

To an angelic heaven to stand before the lord above

And ask him to protect you from harm with all of my love

And allow us to meet again in Heaven when our time on this earthly plane has past.

Because even in Heaven, I know your amazing beauty will last.

And as I descend from those heavenly planes

I will remember our beautiful moments captured in picture frames

And I will wrap my arms around you and hold you close to me

So that you may see

That my heart and love is always with you for you to hold

Forever and on those nights that you are cold.



  My Love For Those Cold Nights

Created: Apr 15, 2013

Tags: heaven, love, cold night, night, starry

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