The Ruins

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Hey! I'm new to the site (joined sbout 5 minutes ago) and I've always wanted to publish my written work and my short stories that I did in school (although I was young, I wouldn't underestimate me just yet). For the RECord... not my best piece of work but I like the concept i had when writing it. The assignment was to develop a short stroy on what the world would be like if there were no rules, and this is what i made (although it is a bit rusty in the sense that i haven't really proof-read it (i'm a rebel)) enjoy!

Hide and Seek. Before I played it constantly with my friends. Friends. Another thing I used to have. Hiding was the best with them – you got to escape and hope you wouldn’t be found and I never was. Seeking wasn’t terrible either – the satisfaction of finding someone and scaring the hell out of them. Not any more. Not after… I mean how would you like a game if you’re constantly playing it, all the time? Never allowed to leave? Never escaping? All alone…just hiding.

October twelfth was the day it all started. Feels like years ago now but you won’t guess how long it’s really been. Three days. Three godforsaken days. It was the date that all of our lives were changed. We went there optimistic and hopeful for what was going to be the day the Earth was revolutionised; the day it was improved; the day that everyone would be free. It’d been in all the papers, the T.V. and the radio. It had the three words everywhere – “change is coming”. Boy, were they right about that. Because on that day, it did happen, after the world announced: there are no rules. Revolutionised? Lie. Improved? Lie. Free? Lie.

The daily bombs dropped nearby my ‘house’ or pile of rocks as other people referred to it. Dust coated it alongside mud, filth, disease and ofcourse more rocks. The vivid burgundy of the boulders glimmered under the moonlight, like blood. The light, however, was not strong enough to discover me hiding behind the now ash covered rocks. I was hunched over, so I wouldn’t be seen, as I felt the ground shake beneath me and the rocks crumble further. The bombs were getting bigger.

I looked out into the distance where it had struck and could still see the smoke rise up and spread into our intoxicated, suffocating air. It had made a minute difference as we had already ruined the currently emerald sky. We humans managed to destroy it so much that it turned a shade of irreversible green. That took one day. On the first day of “freedom” to be precise. Even so, it wasn’t the only thing we managed to demolish. We made the Earth become ruins so it was irreparable. That only took half an hour.

Jenny walked past, her hair an out of control mess, her eyes popping out of their sockets and her whole face filled with fear, sadness and blood. A droplet of blood rolled down from her cheek, which was now poking out of her skin just as the rest of her bones did. It trickled down slowly like a tear and then dropped onto her already ruined clothes. They were encrusted with filth, like everything else, other people’s blood and God knows what else. She was nothing special. Everyone here on Hell was like that. Everyone was crazy. Everyone. My mum and dad were no exceptions. To be honest, I don’t even know if they’re alive. Although I did hear talk of a weeping woman and a madman with guns pointed at one another – exactly like them. The new them, at least.

Gunfire sounded behind me and I could hear blood splatter. I turned round, so quickly my neck made a clicking sound. I looked at them, barely a mile away from me, and saw what they had done. I sobbed quietly into my hands hoping, praying not to be heard. I only took my eyes off her for a second. Not even that. Tears flooded down my already wet face, feeling as if they were never-ending. She was the last bit of family I had left and my only responsibility. I looked again and saw her blood covered body lying there completely still and cold. A hole pierced through her head with fragments of her brain on the wall. I turned away unable to look at it for any longer. However, in Hell there is no luck and I remembered they were still there. The murderous brutes that had killed her. Anger flowed through every inch of my body and I knew what I had to do: I wasn’t going to hide any longer. It was my turn to seek.

As I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, my mind went back to the second day of destruction. Everything was rubble and no one was safe. The sun had gone into hiding to escape what we had created – what the human race without rules created. The roads had been pulled up by the havoc so all that was left was bits of tarmac sticking out of dust. Grass, plants and trees were now but a distance memory. As was happiness and anything but guns, bombs, knives or anything used for annihilation.

I stopped running as I saw them. I remembered the rule of survival: Hide or Seek. It was my time to seek and I had just found my prey. Kill or die trying, right? I didn’t care which one. I kill them and they get the justice the world needs. I die and that means no more of this. Hell isn’t even looking bad right now. I got the gun out of the belt I had carried with me the whole time. My fingers curled around the trigger, ready to shoot, ready to murder. I walked slowly in their direction. The gun felt cold in my hands as I gripped it tighter looking straight at my future. All at once they glanced upwards in my direction. They saw me and scrambled for their own guns. Good. I raised the gun up and pointed it straight ahead. A gunshot sounded and echoed around me. The outcome I had desired happened, finally…

Hope you liked it!

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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