Spider Against the Sun

By Jessica Standifird

Want to drive home drunk
with oysters on my breath
and an argument fresh on my tongue-
to dance on the other side of glass,
throat full and hips ecstatic.

Want to spend the next day in the company of melancholy
and migraine,
missing memory,
with the stranger passed out next to the impossibly infinity
I curl my limbs into.

Terrific monstrosity perched on the ledge
of a 10-story insert-addiction-here.
Tired after the hike up the stairs
because sometimes cravings pull the plug on 3 city blocks
and elevators just fall-
sometimes desire's empty after 5pm.
Sometimes keys are taken by friends and sometimes keys are taken by lovers.
Sometimes lovers are taken by friends and friends mis-taken as lovers.
Sometimes sometimes gets locked in on the top floor.
No choice but to take a hit, crawl out on the roof and make faces at the ground
while the noose twists in my gut.

Want to let go.
Simple as the looming question mark before dawn,
when the alarm clock stretches for my hand.
Simple as unfurling that sideways figure 8 I've curled myself into,
crouched like a spider against the sun.

Spider Against the Sun

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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