the reef

By riana6

we set off along the reef walking
our bare feet were cut and bleeding
until no longer touching ground
we fell off the shelf
the sun was high
and the salt water churning
the fish were biting
the sharks were circling
how could i have saved you
when i was drowning myself
he said that i was black and unfaithful
she said you were white and hateful
all the crooked fingers pointing
somehow formed a square
you unable to forgive
i was unable to live
both worlds colliding
made us both feel dispair
no longer caring for a fair fight
excusing wrong, ignoring right
we put on our masks
and took off our gloves
breaking mirrors in our faces
putting each other in our places
we tore ourselves apart and
blamed it on love
the truth is we want different things
our choices are our own and whatever they bring
neither of us are in the place
to become judge or jury
now i look back and see
all that we really were and all we'll never be
it kills to be realistic more
than it kills to be lonely.

the reef

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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