Begging to be finished.

By HipReplacement

Hi all! So my bud Ryan Patrick showed this website to me yesterday and Its great! I have this unfinished song Ive been holding on to for a couple years. The style is sort of indie rockish, kinda sounds like foals or block party I guess. Basically I cant sing that style very well and never laid down the vocals for it. Theres also a bridge in there somewhere with TONS of room for synth or anything really. I would like to someday put a band together and play songs like this one. They're fairly easy to write and are high energy and fun to play. Thought Id put it here and see what happens. Only problem is I recorded this back when I was using pro tools 7.4 . I still have the session files and raw audio but Im a sloppy recorder and I didnt consolidate or bounce any of the tracks that were using plugins. Its kind of a mess in there. HOWEVER, if you guys respond well to this and really want to make additions; ill go through the trouble of installing the old pro tools, finding the old plugins and putting together a nice neat session file for you guys to play around with. If theres no response, I wont, but thats ok too. Well.... here goes.. enjoy!

Begging to be finished.

Created: Jul 31, 2010

Tags: indie rock, song, block party, pop, foals

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