Pocket autopsy short film idea

By Ilze

An idea for a pocket autopsy very, very, very short film.

Dark screen. A voice reads: “Autopsy - The post-humous, clinical examination or assessment of someone or something past”
Then we see a ‘deadly serious guy’ sitting in front of desk in a sterile-looking room, looking straight in the camera. Slowly he reaches into his pockets and takes out headphones. The guy looks at the headphones. Then back at the camera and at exactly at that moment music starts playing [something like this was in my mind http://www.hitrecord.org/records/127396].
In the rhythm of the music small windows of other people (sitting at a table and taking things out of their pockets) start filling the screen until the ‘deadly serious guy’ can’t be seen anymore. The windows overlap each other.
Then the windows slowly start to disappear, gradually revealing the ‘deadly serious guy’ again, we can see that he is taking things out of his pockets [here all the things that hitRECord community has found in their pockets can be used]. The guy is paying close attention to the things he is taking out.
The music ends, the guy looks in the camera. He stands up [empty pockets that are turned inside out can be seen] and goes away [preferably screeching his chair in the process], leaving all the items [I mean, really a lot of them] on the table. We can hear a door closing somewhere in the distance.
While the empty chair and all the items are in the shot the voice that was in the beginning can be heard saying: “Unload: To free oneself from a burden, to relieve of something oppressive.”
The screen goes dark.

Pocket autopsy short film idea

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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