Some of the Stars

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I used to think I know
How to make you love,
But when the day was gone
You said it was another one in a row.

I used to think you know
What it is always all about,
But then you simply turned around
And made me explain “why” and “how”.

And then I knew it was all so wrong
I had to breathe and let you go.
You were confused, didn’t understand why so,
But I sadly smiled and continued on.

You didn’t go, but stood so strong,
Refused to lose, whatever it would cost.
And then I saw in your eyes the glow
Which was lost such a long time ago.

There by your side I’ll always know
There’s only us and only now,
I know you really want to learn to love
And I’ll be here to teach you how.

Do you see the stars above?
Some of them only you can show
To me when we are all alone.
That’s what it’s all about.

Created: Jul 31, 2010


Ilze Document Media