Channel FWWTMC

By FreedomRollers

(Here is one story (of many stories) based off the pic "The TV stays on". This story is also based off the collaboration called From Written Words To Magic Collab, thus the name for the channel takes on the abbreviations FWWTMC, AND I call this story Channel FWWTMC. Also I added my own stuff to the story and some art from others inspired this)

*:Channel FWWTMC:*

Three dastardly toads from another planet have landed on Earth and find an old television. They found this television from an old house. They take it to their spaceship. They turn the dial and it turns on. A still picture of a show they have never seen before is on the screen. The image on the screen seems to be frozen or paused.They go to turn the tv off but it stays on. They can't turn it off. They think the tv is broken and they can't seem to turn it off , so they teleport beam themselves from their spaceship back to Earth in front of a Courthouse.One of the dastardly toads gives it a good kick as they get ready to trash it but then something happens. The channel starts up. The channel is a new channel called FWWTMC. On the screen is a girl about 15 or 16 years old with her parents and brothers and sisters. She says she wants to do a bunch of stuff that she can't do.The next night, she wakes up hearing circus music playing through the pitch black night. She gets out of bed and all of her family members have vanished or left the house since there are no cars in the driveway where they parked them.She sees a big top circus tent in the distance. She goes to the cirus tent and finds friends in the Ringmaster, who is looking kind of crazy in a full body straitjacket and a blue, extra long top hat. He prefers that you call hime the Insane Ringmaster under the Circus Tent. Next to him, is the Fortune Teller, but she will let you call her just Abbie. She will tell you your future but for a price under the circus tent. Another friend she has is a male acrobat. They have some fun together as he shows her how to do his routine. She hears rumor of a taxman that will take people from the circus. This taxman looks like death walking. She goes to a transitional wait station that is in an area of the circus tent. Here she meets the Freakshow characters. Some with no emotion, blank faces, and blank stares.She meets the Giraffe Neck Lady, the three eyed OctopusMan,and other crazy characters led by the Insane Ringmaster.She needs to leave the Cicrus Tent but does not seem to know how.She goes to the Fortune Teller and asks "Fortune Teller, what will my future be?" The Fortune Teller says "Please call me Abbie and I can only tell you your future under the Circus Tent for a price" The girl hands the fortune teller the price it cost after seeing the amount posted all over the wall and on a card laying in front of her on the table. The fortune teller smiles "Now give me your hands if you want to know your future" The girl does this as the fortune teller continues, "You will go on an adventure, like the one you are on now,the key out is here but you must know the meaning and say what it is" "Things are not what they appear to be under this Circus Tent" "Take this card, I can not tell you more at this time" The girl puts the card in her pocket. She leaves the fortune tellers tent. She meets up with the male acrobat just outside the fortune tellers tent. He says "There is a rumor of a magical one around here that will let you avoid the taxman, maybe the fortune teller can tell us more." They both go inside the room. The male acrobat gives the fortune teller some money and is about to ask a question when the fortune teller asks the male acrobat "Please step into this curtain, someone has been waiting for you." The male acrobat goes through the curtain as fortune teller says " The way out of the Circus Tent is near." Then the girl asks fortune teller Abbie "How do I get out of this Circus Tent?" Abbie the fortune teller says " Through the tent door, the same way you entered. It is also the exit.""Oh, well, yes, why didn't I know that!?" the girl says. Suddenly Abbie leans toward her as she takes on a serious look and whispers to the girl "Because there are three dastardly toads watching, making you not remember or see where the entrance and exit is. The only way out is to say my real name Abikadaz!"The girl whispers back "You are the magical one?" and fortune teller Abbie says "Yes" back. Then the girl asks " If I say this magic word, it will make me remember and see the entrance and exit?" Abbie fortune teller says "No but that would be nice and simple. It is more complex then that. I have to transport you and the male acrobat out of here"Then she says "I was the one that brought you here in the first place" Then the girl shouts "ABIKADAZ!" Next thing the girl remembers is waking up in her bed, in the morning, as she hears her family in the other room and sees the cars are still parked in the driveway.She wonders if that was real, then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the card that Abikadaz "Abbie the fortune teller" had given her. Then she says " Oh my god , it was real!" Then she sees a double rainbow out the window and she is like "Oh my god, what does this mean man! What does this mean?"
(to be continued...)

Channel FWWTMC

Created: Jul 31, 2010

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