We Don't Celebrate Halloween

By SunKissedMusicNerd

Every thirty first of october,
right as we wake up.
Our alarm sounds,
our minds flump.
"Great, it's happy day again."
I go to school hearing all the girls and boys chitter and chatter.
Alice hears it too.
They talk of candy and ghosts,
and maybe of our strange house.
School lets out and they all run,
rushing to get the job done.
They slap on the make-up,
crazy outfits as well.
Run to each house begging,
chocolate fills the air,
and they sniff the amazing smell.
While Alice and I watch through tinted rosy curtains,
wondering, "Why must we not join the little ones?"
Mom and dad call our attention,
and we worry with shame of what we've done.
"Alice, Mary, what non-sense magic have you seen?"
"We've seen nothing, done nothing!"
Quivering and speeding hoping to get through this.
"You know of we think nothing,
of magic and spells,
and evil lurking inside wells!"
Mother said with a glare.
"But mother, there is candy and tons to share!"
Father shook his head and said,
"Children, we see evil, but your comments are fair,
this is why we had challenged, no we had a dare!"
"What is this challenge, oh father?"
Though we were scared to ask.
"No pumpkin to carve, but a watermelon indeed!"
What? A watermelon said she?
So since then afterwords,
our family shared a strange little joy.
Of a no pumpkin halloween!

We Don't Celebrate Halloween

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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