Natural High V2

By ArisNajeeb

Forgive me if I’d rather

Lay on the grass and stargaze

Than get high off my ass, see stars, and blaze

I’d rather see stars in plays

Than go to bars and raves

I’d prefer to travel somewhere far away

Than get drunk in an armchair and rot away

I struggle to see why I should start stoppin' my brain

By snorting cocaine, or injecting shots in my veins

For you see, I cease to be what's inside of me

And I stop respectin' me

Once I pop ecstasy

So you just keep pre-heatin', please

You'll soon rise slowly as you get baked

While I fillet

I remove the meat of my life from the bones of the days

So you can blaze, raise, and enter a daze

But please excuse me when I say:

"Pardon, but I prefer not to puff pot today"

I choose not to go broke

Just to toke

'Cause whether it's weed or a stoke

Clouds of meaningless smoke

Culminate into countless clouds of gray

They... cause your mind to wander away

Hey... If you're confused about my reasons, please ponder away

But I’m pretty proud to say

That I’ve never met Ms. Mary J

Natural High V2

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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