By ChrisTheKidd

All these memories got me nostalgic,
and no you should not doubt it
the way that I've been feelin, i could not live without it
all this pain that i'm receiving
got me feelin so astounded
that a new flashback
and an old backpack
are what helped me around it: the pain
can come down like the rain
it causes some to sing
while others only blame
mr. hussein, and yes I mean both
Barack and Saddam mayne
God dang, our precious lives may never change,
and thats just lame
the power's in our hands to be decided
will we open up the door or will we hide our ass behind it
you can find the key that unlocks your mind just like I did
now my eyes can see but just like you I was once blinded
and now I'm nostalgic
they say that ignorance is bliss but I shout it
wishing for a simpler time
when my mind was much less crowded
I pouted, back when I was banned from watching television
but now that I'm older my respect has risen
so have my dreams and ambitions too
and i realized all the stupid shit I used to do
to do to you
so I'm sorry
I don't want this to end up tragic
but all these memories got me nostalgic
continues to complain that is I do,
sittin here listenin to kanye and eryka badu,
stayin stagnant like I was a mothafuckin bayou,
try to imagine how much better we could be please
do not be vexed by this quest
and join the tribe because we are the best
your bullet proof vest will be knowledge,
and I don't mean the shit you learn in college
Mr. West, please......


Created: Jul 31, 2010

Tags: kidd, chriss, emcee, boxman, nostalgia

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