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How do I keep the days from slipping
I wake to sleep from morning to night
wear these same worn shoes
traveling the same worn path
my words become muffled
slurring within my mouth
mail sent with a return address
stamped for incompletion
my eyes closed to guise
how tired I've grown
everyday has been like today
everyone has something to hide
but no one has something to give
bad news comes yet no good follows
lost connections, lost people, lost feelings
doors will open but mainly close
the hinges will rust and knobs won't turn
no one will visit you'll just end up alone
except in the mirror there will be a face
a face that you dont want to see
eyes of judgement peering through
all theses failures and regrets accumilated
but hey that's life.

Created: Jul 31, 2010


Nadene Document Media