By adifferentkind

Monologue from my film...

"I want his confusion and his complication and his sadness. I want all of his big thoughts and his jumbled up intentions, and his inability to tell me how he feels. I want him on me and in me, and I want to look into his eyes and touch his face and feel his mouth on my neck, and his hands over my hips, and the way he holds onto my wrists as we fall asleep. I want everything about him that is wrong and unhealthy and not good for me, and not one of those nice boys in khakis and dress shirts who live on the upper west side. I want to breathe in his marijuana smoke along with his ideas about art and film, and I want that feeling when he grins that sly little grin at me and my breath suddenly


Created: Jul 23, 2009

Tags: confusion, writing, monologue, love, feelings, train of thought, unhealthy, film, emotions, women, men

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