If Dr. Suess tried for thoughtful...

By perpetua


Step back.

Step back from your life, from the stress and exams, from the work and the essays and jobs to be done. Step back from the learning and hard work of living - the notes and the dates and the times and ways that you constantly, endlessly have to keep giving – your time and your effort and pain and your fun, just to keep treading water and getting things done.

Take a look at yourself, take a look at the box- in your heart; of your life-world - and undo its locks. Empty your box of its trinkets and tokens- the memories; regrets and the wishes unspoken. Spread it out on the floor (stained and faded beige carpet) and look hard and feel hard and then cover the clocks.Turn off the phone. Nobody home. Stop and just think on the ways you're connected - the lives inextricably through you're entwined; a penpal, a lover, coworker or mother, a face on a bus or an autograph signed. All interconnected and all fueled by love. Maternal and fraternal, platonic, erotic; affection and friendship devotion - but love.

Love, always love - A cliche but true.

It always comes back to what it means to be loved.

Like an old patchwork quilt that is dusty and faded and frayed at the edges, but the stiching is fine. Trace with your fingers those lines.
Inside there are hearts that are stitched in the lining, to always remind remind you what can be if you find it – Love, that is there – though you often can’t see it, and sometimes you’ll think that you can’t really feel it, but no matter, it’s there. It’s always been there.

And as you look at that box, and you know what it means – you promise that no matter how bad it might seem, you will never give up, not ever, not never, you will fight and keep going when the road seems its hardest, the debts mount up and the shadows are darkest – because there are people who love you, and are holding you up – invisible crutches, that are carved out of love. To pretend that those crutches aren’t there is so cruel – you throw back in their faces their offering to you – their hearts, treat them well, don’t break them or bruise them. Don’t hurt them or crack them or drop them or lose them. They want you to lean on them, love them, rely on them, they want you to laugh with them, talk with them, cry with them. It’s love, pure and simple, just love and just care, that they want you to know that they’ll always be there.

So step back from your life, and look at the box. Take the bars off the doors, and undo the locks – to your heart, and let yourself live your whole life – though you know there’ll be pain and be trouble and strife – there’ll be love too, and laughter and touches and words, and jokes, and comfort, and wisdom that’s shared. And you’ll give out your heart to your friends who will keep it – far better than you, and give you theirs too - And when you find at the end, that your life’s blood is gone, you’ve finished your race – you’re finally done. When you’ve given out all that you have left to give – your heart’s becomed scattered, and you’ll end, safe in in sweet knowledge

- you lived.

If Dr. Suess tried for thoughtful...

Created: Jul 31, 2010


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