A Dream I had a few days ago

By todd68976

Pastor (Reverand) Pete picked me up because I was going to church to catch the end of a basketball game – but I was in need of a shower. For some reason I was going to one place first (another church – reminded me of my cousin's church / school from years ago) to catch the end of the basketball game and then take a shower there, and then get myself to my regular church.

This is not the first church dream I’ve had – only the first where I remember the preacher so well – and I realized as I woke up that he tricked me – but in a good way.

Just to make things clear - I do not currently have a regular church and I do NOT know a pastor Pete in real life - he was only there in my dream. I also do not normally watch basketball games - it seems that I was going to watch a relative's game in this dream - sort of like I had made a promise to be there for this person.

He started talking as soon as I got in the car. I have no recall at all of what he was saying. He wasn’t the one who was supposed to pick me up either. I was supposed to catch a bus but I had missed it (not sure why). The more you try to explain dreams the less clear things become. Anyway, I stopped him from talking as I pointed out that I needed to go to another church before I went to his. After he turned around I said “Continue Pastor Pete” (to let him know that he could continue telling me his tale) and somehow he lulled me into his story so much (again, no recall whatsoever of what this tale was about) that by the time the car stopped we were in the parking lot at his church and he was shutting down the engine.

I walk into his church (not the one I intended to go to) already embarrassed Part of the reason I needed to take a shower was in order to change to be appropriately dressed for church. I had my bag of shower stuff and a change of clothes with me. I am not sure why I couldn't take a shower in my own house - but some activity was keeping me outdoors and away from my house at that time (was I homeless?). Also, it felt as if this dream was in the future. As I walked in through what seemed to be a side door, I heard a noise coming from inside – as if a basketball game was going on. This was weird because the basketball game was at the other church I originally wanted to go to. But, as I got in, I noticed everyone facing towards the door I was entering. They were set up in two sides and the door I just came in was in what was the aisle. A puliti (a lecturn more like it) was set up about 6 feet from the door. I realized this was not a side door at all, but the pastor's entrance. There were about 1000 people there – and almost everyone was dressed in DARK GREEN CAMO BDUs (color scheme was different than the one I wore active duty) – and someone behind me (probably Pastor Pete) said – get him some BDUs - he was talking about me. I had passed the person he was talking to - looked like a deacon.

I thought to myself I don’t want BDUs – I don’t want to impersonate an active duty military person. It seemed to me that these people were about to march off into battle ( or at least, fly there) – that this service was going to be a send off for them. I didn’t mind thinking that I would be a part of this deployment, but thought more that the assembly (all one unit – I saw a number on their left arms – 141 I think – I also think it said 141 and the type – something like ID – it was their army unit and all of them were from the same one) wouldn't want me to be a part of their deployment.

(Sorry for the side note, but I feel the need to make this statement: I did some research after I woke up: there is no 141st Infantry Division - but there is a 141st Infantry Regiment, part of the 36th ID - and I don't know any of them. They are Army National Guard in Texas ( I do not live in TX) - sometimes my dreams can be slightly psychic so I look things up like this just in case.)

All the soldiers were young – I am not.

I proceeded to the back door (the actual entrance from the inside of the building into this auditorium) – thinking this is a gym (the assembly was set up in the gym of this church / school - not the main chapel - the crowd was too large for that)) – I can still get a shower in the bathroom if I can find it. The crowd didn’t seem to pay me any special attention, and that was alright with me – not that they were rude – just that they didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t dressed correctly.

I turned left and found the ladies room so I turned around.

Past the entryway to the auditorium I located the men’s room – a large one and I was sure a shower was in here.

Thats when I woke up.

Thats the dream - doesn't make much sense, but there it is nonetheless. Not sure you can use it, but hope so. I will share other dreams if they seem "out there" like this one did.

One final note Because the only thing I was sure about of the identification on the left shoulders of the soldiers was 141 and the letter" I" I just now looked up Isaiah 1:41 (since this dream did involve a lot of church references) - no such thing. Then I looked up Isaiah 14:1 and found this:

"For the LORD will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall join to the house of Jacob.: (American King James Version)

ooooh - I get goose bumps

A Dream I had a few days ago

Created: Jul 30, 2010


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