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Teenage Blues (Short Screenplay)

By Emma-Conner



Clothes are strewn all over the bedroom floor. The covers on the bed are rumpled and band posters decorate the walls: a typical teenager's bedroom.

Amidst this adolescent chaos is KATIE, approx 16. She is sitting on the bed, peering around herself uncertainly.

From elsewhere in the house: A DOOR SLAMMING.

        VOICE #1

    Where the hell do you think you're --

        VOICE #2

    Don't tell me what to do, okay?

Katie frowns, more confused than ever.

        VOICE #1

    Young lady --

        VOICE #2

    Just stop with that crap!

Angry FOOTSTEPS stomp their way up the stairs. Katie closes her eyes.

The bedroom door BURSTS open.

Startling, Katie opens her eyes again just as JANET, 16, storms over to the bed and flops down onto it with an exaggerated SIGH. She does not acknowledge Katie at all.

A beat.

Suddenly, Janet snatches up a pillow and hurls it across the room.

It passes right through Katie on its way across.


A LIGHT flicks on.

NICOLE, late forties, makes her way across the room slowly, as though in a daze. Her rumpled hair and air of exhaustion suggests that she has already made an attempt to get some sleep tonight and has failed.

She settles into a worn armchair and stares fixedly at something on the mantelpiece: a framed photograph. We cannot see who is in it.


    (addressing the photograph)

    Hello again, Katie. I can't sleep, as you can see. How are things?



Teenage Blues (Short Screenplay)

Created: Mar 30, 2013

Tags: short screenplay, script, short script, teenage blues, fiction

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