I was a mermaid

By Maurica8

I was off in some secret rain forest in Hawaii. My entire sense of direction was skewed. Blurs of green spun around me, as if they were playing a game, but it was really my head that had been spinning. I'd been lost for hours, and was physically and mentally exhausted. Birds calls and rustling leaves were the only comfortless sounds that I could hear. Out of nowhere, the sweet melody of rushing water filled my ears. Desperately, I chased down the source. At most I had been hoping for a stream, but I didn't expect to find a lagoon. Sea green water cascading down raspberry rocks. There was something magical about it. Literally, there was something magical about it. The moment my feet dipped into the mint water, something happened. My legs became paralyzed, I peered down to see why they wouldn't work. My scream ripped through the trees. I had fins and a tail. They were beautiful, in all the cool colors. Instantly, I threw myself into the water. It was such a wonder! I could swim deeper, deeper, and see all the wonders I'd been curious about. To me, that was my paradise.

This dream was so perfect, it had made me want to write a children's novel. Only my illustrations aren't nearly as good as I wish they would be.
This happens a lot to me, dreaming of things that make me want to write. Every one of my short stories has been based off of some dream that fascinated me, or some nightmare that horrified me.

I was a mermaid

Created: Jul 30, 2010


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