The Blind

By completelybackasswards

i thought this piece MIGHT fit, Thomas..especially some parts of it going along with the music picking up. What do you think?

i don't know, really
the electricity got cut again.
we're three blind mice
bumping into walls of pexiglass..

they stormed the shore
to shatter the peace
but that's what we have
our apathy for. carry it..

like a 2x4

this dusty attic holds
nothing but decayed memories, so why
do we insist on this charade..

vain pilgrimage?

he cornered us; that's a
good enough reason,
i suppose. musing is, he
proclaimed, for those

feeble-minded drones..

if that's the case, such is true..
i guess i'll be stuck in this madhouse
with you.

The Blind

Created: Jul 30, 2010


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