A Gangsta's Poem

By Hypsomnia

Fuck you mean nigga?
cash rules everything around me nigga
so that means ill beat,heat, and beam by any means
even though i am part of the mean or w/e the fuck that mean
Yo niggas I'm feelin ta start something
i don't even care if they look at me, my niggas gonna start jumpin
run pockets too, they shirts and they shoes
and throw ma gang sign and harass they gurls too
Frank Lucas is my new hero
even doe he did snitch, dat nigga was all about his deniro
i be bumping the drought in the tinted corvette
but more or less its raining
don't get it twisted, the club's my safe haven
where titties fall in my lap faster than the niggas i be spraying
i got 20 bitches in the phone and they waiting for my call
5 to fuck, 5 to suck, and 9's above all
but the one left is wifey
even doe i treat her lyk shit, no bitch could ever be her copy
hide some guns for a thug
treated wounds from the slugs
and cleaned my house out with the blood in the rugs
she told me i was smart
and said that my acumen could acsend pass any benchmark
i got mad and slapped her
them big words aint cool nigga, dat bitch get on my nerves
but some thoughts have ocurred....is this me lord
was i born c-sectioned with a glock cuttin ma cord
did my playtime involves landmines on the playground i adored
did i learn how to flag before i learned how to walk
did i cock my first glock before i could talk......
this moment is so awkward, im having that mid-life crisis shit at 16
but this is me, and i know the answers to my questions
no they're not true but sumtimes i wish,
cuz i'd be the more gangsta den Al Capone in dis bitch
bout to drop outta school, i know enough to survive
3 things, don't be a fiend, count ya money right, and give ya customer enough so they keep comin by
fuck a 9 to 5, i work for me only
hustle at day, rob at night, plus my niggas is dere for me
40's on the porch, crunk off that thug shit
So ill say it again, no nigga wants this
wifey's comin at me rude again
talkin bout ima pretender
sayin im compensating for stupidity
those are words to remember
but ill jus take another sip
and visualize the words as they dismemeber
hit dat bitch again told her bout sayin stupid shit
she said its ova, but she'll be right back for the dick
kinda pissed right now, saw a nigga's cap ta split
presented the glock to his face abruptly but swift
asked him did he know wat was coming?
he said misery of a coward, trippin w/o his luggage
so i blasted him and any other nigga acting stupid
cuz ima gangsta, instinct is the theme to my bitter movements

"You ruined your chances for any type of good future you could have had. And the only thing you can do is wait to die. Or continue to act like you still have hope. and be the Pretender." -Tarantula V

A Gangsta's Poem

Created: Jul 30, 2010


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