By completelybackasswards

just take my down a peg or two

i know its what you're dying to do

slit my wrist-feed me lies-kill me again

give me another sip of your poisoned gin

theres no turning back-you have already tainted me

your lies have corroded-fucked up my reality

there is no point in covering your face now

i have seen beyond the teeth and tinfoil crown

i drank from your bloody wishing well til it was dry

coughed until your god sneered and waved goodbye

i saw the darkside of this endless hell

and i could only curse the rock that fell

on your throne you give your command

while im shackled by your right hand

all i sense is the decay as i kneel

contempt is the only emotion i can feel

my world is your ashtray

as you blow the smoke my way

clouded i cant see beyond the embers

futile-and cry for what you cant remember

dig a hole for my nameless grave

because im dead to this world anyway

pray that i was just a dream

another rip-just another voiceless scream

pray that i was just another fallen angel

another worm from the rotten apple's core

pray to your ignorant god that

this key will not open your door

i was born from the ashes

all the things you've chosen to deny

i dig myself into the marrow of your being

and claw my way to your bloodshot eye

pray im just another voiceless demon

driven to tear your world apart

pray that this girl is nothing

..just another piece of your broken heart


Created: Jul 30, 2010

Tags: poetry

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