Is The World F#cked?

By catdaddy funk

If you continue to doubt yourself
What can you possibly achieve?
Continue lying to yourself
And who will you believe?
Life is indiscrimate
So who are you trying to blame?
From the sky, the valleys, the river bends
And the tiniest nooks they came

The problems of the world arose
Stark horrors seldom seem
Our future's no darker than our past
Or the time lost in between
We can't have everything we want
There must be compromise
But the ugly things turn rotten
And will soon attract the flies

Speak what you want of what you will
But know that silence is ideal
For years we've searched for happiness
Only to settle for a pill
Don't hide yourself from reality
Though the subject is quite grim
We shelf principles for white lies
And keep all the loose ends trimmed

Treat others just as harshly
As words whispered to the wind
And you will soon discover
That you are your lonely friend
The war to end all wars for good
Is bound to happen soon
And so the price of peace for all
Is our impending doom

Don't hurry to the front lines
Everyone will get their turn
To make the same mistakes they made
So that others will not learn
In the end we cannot win
Nobody's keeping score
Let's be honest now and face the facts
Some folks are just plain rotten to the core

Is The World F#cked?

Created: Jul 30, 2010


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