Still Daydreaming

By Hypsomnia

I like to thank The Lord for the real
and for the will I use to think and feel
making choice as a skill, I reeled
so many honeys, used money as the bait for the kill
and so i thought, maybe, I'm not real
and maybe i don't feel 
thinking money can appeal
to true hearted people, equal to the concept of the real
but so far I've met none
and my mack has come
like iMac sums
reeling in many for years
but there's one that brings tears to my eyes
gotta image to uphold, so my niggas won't sigh
and say that I'm soft
so I cough and laugh it off
but i dreamt about those who do worse than me
who woo weak minded fools and those with certain needs
who kill innocent seeds who need a place to be
clouded minded fools with tools to disassemble me
in a clouded man's mind you'll find a world of cess
where guns are roses, folded bills make up breast
that produce champagne and pasteurized with ice
nurture disfigured babies with assured failure in their sights
a world of entropy
no natural subtleties
of centipedes on a leaf
deers drinking from a creek
no forest for a tourist
nor flowers for a florist
caskets hold liquor trickled over deceased
whose bodies feed soil drenched in murder and deceit
three wise men walk streets that are littered with pills
carrying lit candles fighting off the virtuous ills
but what if they burn out
and the real intentions of their search asserts their crying shouts
with no light in this world can be shown to tell
so the heavens rain blood and cool the thirsty in hell

but im just.......a daydreaming nigga....a daydreaming nigga.....

Still Daydreaming

Created: Jul 30, 2010

Tags: daydreaming dreams nigga hell imac florist cesspool

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