False Faces v. II

By completelybackasswards

dont break your back

as you walk out on me again

because your head has grown

so big with that inflated ego.

made me believe but

now its all dead as my

hope rusts mixing with

my crystalized tears.

you swam in a sea of

denial and took me along

for the ride because you're so

afraid to be alone, too scared

to admit that you're wrong.

each lie leaves a scar

on my ragged heart that's

already been through turmoil

from the hell you've put me through.

angry words spill from your

lips and your cheeks turn

crimson as you quake and shake

when i turn the tables back on you.

nothing will change anything

since im through being the pawn

on your damned chess board..because

ive called checkmate.

you're out.

False Faces v. II

Created: Jul 30, 2010

Tags: poetry

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