Rose-Tinted Glasses

By completelybackasswards

please - hand me a pair of rose-tinted glasses
i dont want to see the gray-headed masses
who will devour me until i no longer exist

...just another temptation i have to resist

bleached white bones cover my bed
another desert that finds me dead
immune to their poison and immune to their lies
just quarantine my room again, i dont really mind

the vultures circle overhead once more
greedy eyes and greedy lips ready to score
another meal from a naive fool such as i
bleed not, they'll scatter, with one last cry

scare them away with the look on my face
no one will overcome this, this desolate place
my brain may be overheated and i may be lost
but that matters little, i have my own bridges to cross

Rose-Tinted Glasses

Created: Jul 30, 2010

Tags: poetry

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