Lucid Pockets REmixdown

By venns

took this file:
put it on top of this file:

and made a phono-baby. the only thing the voice is missing is siblings. sisters and brothers join to make a pocket family. i would like to layer many different voices to have the character of the whole "society" bringing us a self aware analysis in poetic form. so if you like to join record a vocal track as dry as possible (no effects please) and watch those plosives - they kill a recording. your recording will have to be exactly in the same tone as jmeisters and have the exact same tempo and intonation. this is no easy task for newbies but experienced vocal artists will have no hard time doing this. if you want to help me out even more record one normal-pitched version and one in a higher or lower note (one octave difference please). to not post more files than needed you can put both recording in the same file one after another separated by one second of silence.

tech info:
mp3, 16bit, 44.1khz, 192kbps

processed voice through many a effect. fattened the voice through latency and doubler effects to give it a more mechanized character. removed hiss and noise. added room (reverb). added low-freq booster to give add more ass and balls to rattle your bones.

instrumental track processed similarly. fattened through doubler and latency. compressed. dehissed manually rubberbanded to fit voice. added transient effect and upped the mid to hig frequencies to have it sound less like in a water tank.

dr. murphy's advice to technicians:
when you have the urge to press the "send" button please review the files to be uploaded several times more than you already have.

just heard something grizzly in the voice - some chirping that should not be there the same moment i pressed the record button. well crappidy crap crap.
added this to the list of known issues of this record.

Lucid Pockets REmixdown

Created: Jul 29, 2010

Tags: lucid musician, venns, mixdown, music, pocket autopsy, song, 2010, remix, lizziemackie, jmeister, metaphorest

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