Pocket Autopsy Short Film Idea?

By EriktheViKing

Please feel free to change things around. This was a really quick idea I had after reading this collaboration and taking a quick nap - dreams do speak to us sometimes :D. Anyway, like I said - anything can be changed. Just an idea.

Pocket Autopsy

Will need intro music for credits of the short film. Think "Blower's Daughter" opening from "Closer". Acoustic sound - would love to hear collaborations for it and will start that soon.

The background of the credits would be scanned images of RECorders' pockets. The last image will be a crumpled up piece of paper and the title is shown - "Pocket Autopsy".

Coming Home - Scene 1

Jonathan, in his late 20s to 30s comes home carrying briefcase and suit coast - sleeves rolled up, tie loosened. He walks in and goes straight to his wife,Melissa, comes up behind her and kisses her on the cheek and breathes a sigh of relief. Being small talk:


It's SO good to see you


long day at work, huh?


You have no idea. dave came in and started complaining about his innumerable women again. I wonder if he even hears me sometimes when i ask him not to talk like th...

Jonathan trails off being interrupted by Melissa beginning to kiss him.


Well that makes things a little easier to bear


I got you something today


Oh yeah?

Jonathan raises his eyebrows and playfully grabs at Melissa's butt and kisses at her neck


No, not that.

She goes in the next room and brings out a new suit for him.


Oh, honey... you... shouldn't have


I thought you might NEed to step out of the ordinary.


But blue? Isn't that a little to out of the ordinary? You have set foot inside my office right? Our motto is "Conserving the past for a better future" for a reason, hun


I know, I know. But you look great in blue and you know it won't be that big of a deal. now try it on.


Right now?


At least the jacket.

He tries on the jacket and turns around for her. Melissa smiles and he walks up to her, thanks her and they begin to kiss. They slowly make their way kissing into the next room, progressively getting more aggressive.

The Longest Day - Scene 2

Jonathan is sitting at his desk, wearing his new blue suit, with Dave going on about his exploits from the night before.


so we're walking back from the club right and she's trying to stick her tongue in my ear and i'm all, "babe, it's only a few more blocks", and she's all "No. I need this now." so we start...

The phone starts to ring and Male quiets down Dave.


Shh. Dave, please. I have to take this call.

Dave leaves, put off by not finishing his story, but soon finds another victim to hear him regail the story. Jonathan continues to talk on the phone.


Mr. dyer?


Yes, who is this?


Mr. dyer, my name is michael. I'm with the local police department. I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Jonathan's eyes squint as if getting prepared to take the news.




Your wife, Melissa?




I'm afraid she's passed. She was in a terrible car accident this morning on her way to work and...

The officer's voice trails off in completely silence, leaving Jonathan with a blank stare on his face. After a minute or so he gets up and runs to the bathroom. You hear him screaming and crying and hitting against the walls. Fade to next scene.

Ponder - Scene 3, final scene

Open on Jonathan walking around a park by himself. He's staring at the ground until he comes to a bench. He sits, head is in hands and then looks up and stares blankly. He sits for a few moments or so and begins to rummage through his pockets looking for his wallet. As he begins to dig through, he begins to empty contents on to the park bench. He reaches inside his breast pocket and pulls out a smal crumpled piece of paper. He opens it and there is a note that reads:


Hey there honey. I know you didn't care for this suit. I knew you would still wear it and that's why i put this note in there. I figured, if i give him a reason to wear the suit, he'll warm up to it eventually. Guess I'll have to start putting more notes in there for you. I did leave another somewhere else in the jacket so you'll have to dig for it ;). i just want you to know that i will always love you and i can't wait to see my darling again. I love you Jonathan, Melissa.

A single tear drops on to the page and a close up of Jonathan putting the paper back in his breast pocket closes the scene, just as the intro song begins to play. As the scene closes, other hitRECordian's work is place on the outro credits.

Pocket Autopsy Short Film Idea?

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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