C'est la vie

By Ziver10

C'est la vie.
She says goodbye.
He comforts her.
She cries.
He waves goodbye.

C'est la vie.
She writes to him.
He writes back.
She misses him.
He misses her.

C'est la vie.
She sends fewer letters.
He worries.
She finds someone else.
He finds out.

C'est la vie.
He's hurt and angry.
She's happy and in love.
He feels betrayed.
She's forgotten him.

C'est la vie.
She's getting married.
He wonders what he did wrong.
She wishes he were here.
He's glad he missed her wedding.

C'est la vie.
He sits alone.
She's buying a house with her husband.
He sees spots a new woman.
She watches the two meet.

C'est la vie.
he finally understands.
She's thinking of him.
He's in love.
She's unhappy.

C'est la vie.
Life happens.
The good comes.
The bad comes.
We live, learn, and love.
C'est la vie!

C'est la vie

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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