Shotguns & Razorblades

By TrangressiveGlamour

Bruises start to form on the skin but you could care less
God is seeping through your veins making the blood vessels in your eyes and ears burst with renewed life
You’ve been lying to yourself all of this time with the spotlight on your every action
He’s never had a problem with your dishonesty just standing by and letting you continue
Passive expression
Dirtied conscience when he sees you pour that poison into your mouth every night
Arsenic laced with blue black wonder in the corners of your room when his fists pound you into the mattress
To you love is just a four letter word
And sex is only one letter less
Dreams are a respite for the weak when they can’t handle the reality of their lives
You’ve seen it all though
No need to hide from the alcoholics or the junkies or the whores
Time was when you were one of them
You’re slipping back into the old patterns
Easy to trace track marks and the bitter sting of a swollen lip
Twenty and you’ll sell them your body but fifty and you’ll sell them your soul
Being cheap doesn’t mean being easy because sometimes it’s just too complex for you to take
Shotgun in hand and razorblades in the other
Scalds on your shoulder blades where the water didn’t cleanse like it was supposed too and cuts and grazes on your knees because it was all you could do to keep from growing up
Daddy left too soon and Mummy never wanted you
Tears and blood washing down a drain but nobody’s there to watch and nobody’s ever cared enough to stop you
Beautiful abandonment
Empty promises
And you wish that it wasn’t so hard to say goodbye
When you carve your name into his chest
Gradually growing blue
And you blow your brains out
Laughter bouncing off of the bathroom mirror

Shotguns & Razorblades

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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