Storm In A Teacup

By TrangressiveGlamour

A flash of blue and the world turns on its side,
Long eyelashes skimming the edges,
Flushed lips on my skin
heat burning from the outside
in through the cracks in my persona

with painted masks falling to the floor
shock, horror,
cryptic lies swirling like whirlwinds in my
subconscious fears that twist,
Picture perfect on my sheets,
As you lie

the thing you do best
meaningless words falling forth in torrents,
My decadent desolation shrouded in bedroom eyes
and methadone kisses,
On your back, in your shell
pretending like I don't know,

Sick, broken
bones crack and snap and shatter,
Music to my ears when you practically sing
harmonious discord dancing on my cerebellum,
I want to peel away your layers,
Blood, sinew and sweat,

Filthy at best when your writhing,
Contorted features
razorblade for a spine every time,
My place or yours
then again maybe his as well,
you always said sharing is caring,

I always had my doubts
eating away at me,
Vital signs pushed to the limit
crashing down like a cage to trap you
first come first serve
set a table for two,

Feast on my love
my fears and inconsistencies,
Lust for life
and love, not a body, a mouth
a fleeting moment in a back alley
midnight in his embrace

as he pulls you close,
Wrapped up in metal, an iron maiden
blood tipped
fingertips on fire, curious,
The pendulum swings back and forth, unsure,
you know they say that curiosity killed the cat.

Storm In A Teacup

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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