By EriktheViKing

Short Film entitled "Growth"

Open on shot of a guy with facial hair - stubble. Looks really rough, hair in disarray and eyes red from crying. (natural light) Dark room, little to no light. Maybe just catch tear coming down cheek. First person as he puts hands to forehead - enter flashbacks - birth of his son, drinking, loss of job, arguing, etc. Lifts hands and shakes head. Tear in the eye. Gets up off bed and goes to bathroom. He looks up in his mirror - enter flashback 1.

[clean shaven, wife has short hair]
Flashback 1 goes to the birth of his son. Seems happy but leaves room to take a breath. Runs to bathroom and throws up. Looks in the mirror after washing his face - returns to room "happy". Flash to the baby being at home up stairs in it's crib. Camera backs out of room making it's way to disturbances (may be silent, so just loud noises). See two people - parents - arguing. Could be yelling. In the middle of it, man grabs a glass and starts pouring liquor. Catches girls eye as she starts to cry and falls silent. Sarcastically smiles and offers her a glass - girl runs out of room and goes upstairs to the baby - stares beyond bars (camera looking in between bars to show baby and girl) at baby.

Man takes another drink and returns to himself - spitting out mouth wash. Shakes head vigorously. Goes to bed.

[full-ish beard - unruly, not trimmed]
Man wakes up in same fashion as last time - minus flashbacks. Goes through routine and over to pick out clothes for the day. As he opens the closet, a suit is piled up in the corner - stares at the suit - enter flashback 2.

[Clean Shaven]
At the office. Man smiles as another man leaves his office. pulls out a small liquor bottle and throws it back - tries to calm himself down. He goes into the office and sits down with boss. After some talking - man is let go (freaks out - stands up yelling, tried to act unruly, and then breaks down, leaves room). Comes home with a box to his wife with a box and the baby in a stroller (carrying box of house things). They catch each others glance and the man stares perplexed. Wife closes door and leaves. Man falls silent, then falls. Fade.

[Back to original setting in room, wife has long hair]
Man throws the closet closed and goes back to bathroom - looks at himself in the mirror and pulls on his beard - notices the length. Pulls on hair, notices the length. Takes shower - after begins to trim - with each clip, show picture of him in suit, him clearing out bottles, him shaking hands (job interview). Takes the last snip. Flashes to a man congratulating him. As he walks out he decides to stop for coffee. As he pays, he turns to see his wife at a park with her son - now 2, maybe 3. She catches his eye. He shrugs shoulders and smiles a little. She smiles and sees a tear form.


Created: Jul 29, 2010


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